The Christian on the Mount. A Treatise on Meditation by Thomas Watson


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Northampton Press.  d.w.  120pp.

This scarce work by the beloved Puritan Thomas Watson has been out of print since the early 19th century. It calls us to love God with our minds by thinking on things of eternal significance.

"The Puritans were thoroughly Reformed, consistent, and persistent in using 'the art of meditation' as an important spiritual discipline and half-way house between the reading of Scripture and prayer. More than forty Puritans wrote books on the subject. Today we have reaped the fruits of not understanding that a non-meditative, mindless Christianity soon produces a spineless Christianity. Thomas Watson's guide for meditation is one of the best and briefest on the subject. If you wish to transform your spiritual disciplines for the better, read, re-read, and then put into practice this precious little book." -- Dr. Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary Grand Rapids, Michigan


Table of Contents:

  1. The Doctrine Stated
  2. The Nature of Meditation
  3. Meditation Is a Duty
  4. How Meditation Differs from Memory
  5. How Meditation Differs from Study
  6. The Subjects of Meditation
  7. The Necessity of Meditation
  8. The Reason Why There Are So Few Godly Christians
  9. Use of Reproof
  10. Use of Exhortation
  11. Objections Answered
  12. Concerning Occasional Meditations
  13. The Most Fitting Time for Meditation
  14. How Long Christians Should Meditate
  15. The Usefulness of Meditation
  16. The Excellence of Meditation
  17. Divine Motives to Meditation
  18. Rules Concerning Meditation

Appendix: A Christian on Earth Still in Heaven

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