The Puritans on Conversion


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SDG. - 2023.  lfpb.  232pp.

A church is healthy only when its members are converted. Understanding this, the Puritans showed great pastoral concern about how people respond to the gospel. They emphasized that genuine conversion is not a mere profession of faith but a supernatural change of heart that results in a Godward way of life. This volume presents three classic treatises that will help you better understand the necessity and nature of true conversion.

Works included in this volume:

  • Sin: The Greatest Evil by Samuel Bolton
  • The Conversion of a Sinner by Nathaniel Vincent
  • The One Thing Necessary by Thomas Watson


Editor’s Preface

Foreword by Albert N. Martin

1. Sin: The Greatest Evil by Samuel Bolton

2. The Conversion of a Sinner by Nathaniel Vincent

3. The One Thing Necessary by Thomas Watson


The Puritans on Conversion is a treasure trove of biblical wisdom, evangelical piety, and practical counsel on how a sinner is drawn to the living Christ through conversion. But it is not just a book for those experiencing the converting work of the Spirit for the first time. Those who have walked with God will also find it instructive and convicting. In an age of easy believism, cheap grace, and almost Christians, this small but important collection shows us a better way, a way of attending to the one thing needful and of being thoroughly humbled and brought before the Lord.”

—Randall J. Pederson, teacher, Zion Christian School, Byron Center, Michigan, and coauthor of Meet the Puritans

“It is precisely in the area of setting forth the biblical doctrines of conversion that the Puritan preachers have so much to teach us.”

—Albert N. Martin, from the foreword

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AuthorsSamuel Bolton, Nathaniel Vincent, Thomas Watson


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