The Pastor’s Life. Practical Wisdom from the Puritans by Matthew Haste and Shane Parker


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CFP.-2019.  lfpb.  168pp. Foreword by Sinclair B. Ferguson.

The men whose stories appear in this book made up a network of pastors. Through personal contact, or influence, or by reading each other’s books, they were bound together in a spiritual brotherhood. They shared a common burden to see God glorified, his Son magnified, and his Spirit honoured by wholesome and practical biblical preaching, wise pastoral counseling, church and family strengthening, and faithful Christian living. Haste and Parker introduce us to these men, their theology, and the lessons we can learn from them.

With selctions from John Bunyan, Thomas Goodwin, John Owen, Lewis Bayly, Matthew Henry, William Gouge, William Perkins, Richard Sibbes, Richard Baxter, John Elliot, John Cotton, John Winthrop, and Jonathan Edwards

This compendium of Puritan thought about the pastor’s life draws from a rich vein of Christian wisdom, one that is much needed in this day of shallow thinking—even within the church of the Lord Jesus.

Michael A. G. Haykin

Whether you are long–acquainted with the names that appear in [these pages] or are entering the world of seventeenth– and eighteenth–century gospel ministry for the first time, you will be grateful to chefs Matthew Haste and Shane Parker for bringing this excellent menu of spiritual food to your table.

Sinclair B. Ferguson

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