The Covenanters by Claire Watts


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N.M.S. lfpb. 40+8pp. colour illustrations throught.

When Charles-I came to the throne in 1625 he began to make changes in the way Scotland was run, including the introduction of a new prayer book.

He believed that a king was given his position by God and that no one had the right to question his actions, so when protests were made and a document known as ‘The National Covenant’ was drawn up, cruel punishments were inflicted on the protesters who became known as the ‘Covenanters’.

This brand-new title in the “Scotties Series” explains the complex topic of the Covenanters to children - it will also be a useful introduction to the subject for adults. “Scotties Books” contain a wealth of interesting facts, stimulating activities, websites and suggestions for places to visit.


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