The Confessional Presbyterian Journal, volume 18

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This issue is 280pp.

2. Editorial
3. Whither Robert Lewis Dabney? By T. David Gordon
11. To Die For A Cause: Robert Lewis Dabney, Confederate Christian. By Thomas Haviland-Pabst
39. Deviant Old School Calvinism? Robert Lewis Dabney and the Doctrine of God. By Scott Cook
55. Robert Lewis Dabney and the Problem of Original Sin. By C. N. Willborn
67. Robert Lewis Dabney’s War on Sensualism. By Frank J. Smith
91. “The Studies and Enjoyments of Heaven”: R. L. Dabney as Churchman and Ecclesial Historian. By Sean G. Morris
103. Neither Mysticism Nor Activism: Robert L. Dabney’s “Meditation a Means of Grace”. By Peter Sanlon
111. “Make Men Do”: Robert Lewis Dabney and the Power of the Pulpit. By Russell St. John
129. R. L. Dabney: Master of Education. By Zachary Garris
145. Mandate or Warrant? The Biblical Grounds for Christian Education & Schooling. By Zachary Groff
157. Paul and the Septuagint Psalter: Reckoning with Intra-Canonical Exegesis Concerning Our Sung Praises. By Harrison Perkins
165. Our Visionary Architecture for Foreign Missions. By Philip DeHart
171. Prophet in the Pulpit, Pastor with the Pen: The Pastoral Christology of John Knox. By Alexander Brown
183. Jean Macmath, Mistress Rutherford (1610-1675). By Douglas Somerset
195. James Durham: A New Biography, Part One. By Chris Coldwell
215. Reviews & Responses: Lane G. Tipton, The Trinitarian Theology of Cornelius Van Til (Daniel J. Ragusa) 215 ■ Bryan D. Estelle, The Primary Mission of the Church: Engaging or Transforming the Culture (Harrison Perkins) 216 ■ Ryan Kelly, Calls to Worship, Invocations, and Benedictions (T. David Gordon) 217 ■ Zachary M. Garris, Dabney on Fire: A Theology of Parenting, Education, Feminism, and Government (Ryan Biese) 218 ■ Wiliam E. Thompson, In Stonewall’s Long Shadow: James Power Smith, Aide de Camp (Jonathan Peters) 222 ■ Francis S. Sampson, A Critical Commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews (Benjamin Shaw) 226 ■ O. Palmer Robertson, Christ of the Consummation: A New Testament Biblical Theology, Volume 1: The Testimony of the Four Gospels (Ben C. Dunson) 227 ■ Tadataka Maruyama, Calvin’s Ecclesiology: A Study in the History of Doctrine (Thomas Haviland-Pabst) 230 ■ Robert Haldane, Sanctification of the Sabbath: The Permanent Obligation to Observe the Sabbath or Lord’s Day (Zachary Groff) 232 ■ Crawford Gribben, Survival and Resistance in Evangelical America: Christian Reconstruction in the Pacific Northwest (Daniel Ritchie) 236 ■
239 Psallo: Psalm 83:1-18
246 Opuscula Selecta: William Ames’s Prolegomenon in Psalmum Secundum
249 Antiquary: Sermons and Lectures of James Durham: A Chronological Catalog, 1647-1658
265 Bibliography
279 The Editors
279 Errata for Previous Issues
. In Brief: Robert L. Dabney: The Organ (1849) (85–90) ■ In Brief: Scripture Prohibits Women Preachers, by Robert L. Dabney (122-128) ■ In Brief: Extract from a letter from Samuel Rutherford to Agnes Macmath (194) ■ In Brief: Dr. Alexander and Immersionism by Rev. R. L. Dabney, (214)


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