Napthali Press - 2018.   lfpb.

2018 T. D. Witherspoon (1836–1898). Some of the material already completed for this issue or in the works include: Extracts with comment on Witherspoon’s work on The Children of the Covenant (C. N. Willborn).  “Images of Christ and the Vitals of the Reformed System” (Harrison Perkins: Thesis and conclusion: the Reformed interpretation of the second commandment, which prohibits images of Christ, should be normative for our lives because the entire force of the Reformed system supports this position. The immediate import of this thesis is that exceptions to the confessional position do strike at the vitals of our faith and should not be permitted by presbyteries). “Antiquary: A Transcription from Manuscript of a Sermon on Psalm 2:10–12 by George Gillespie” (Introduction by W.D.J. Mckay; background and transcription by Chris Coldwell). There are only two known sermon specimens of Gillespie’s (his sermons before the English Parliament) and the discovery of even this good portion of a sermon and on this text is significant for that fact. “In Translatiōne: Johannes Hornbeeck (1617–1666), Disputational Piety at Leiden, and a Translation of De desiderio animae erga Christum” (Ryan M. Hurd).