The Canon of the Books of the Old and New Testaments Proven to Be Inspired by Robert Haldane


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The Canon of the Books of the Old and New Testament

Proven to be Inspired, and Their Verbal Inspiration Maintained and Established

Haldane’s magnificent work on the canon, inspiration, and authority of Holy Scripture was first published in 1830.

With an account of the introduction and character of the Apocrypha. “The inspiration of the Scriptures is a thing of equal importance with the authority of the Canon. If God is not the author of them, in the fullest and most complete sense of that term, we cannot receive them as the word of God.”

About the Author

Robert Haldane, a descendant of Scottish nobility, was born in London in 1764 and educated at Dundee and Edinburgh. After serving in the naval war against France (1780-1783) he returned to Edinburgh University and in 1786 settled down to a country life on his ancestral estate at Airthrey.  Haldane also authored a commentary on Paul’s Epistle to the Romans.

From the Preface

Whence comes the Bible? is a question in every way worthy of the deepest attention of the Christian. The grounds on which is rested the happiness of this world, and of the world to come, can never be too deeply examined.  The title-deeds to so immense an inheritance are worthy of the constant researches of the life of man.

To establish with the utmost precision what are the books belonging to the Canon of Scripture, to fix the brand of reprobation on all false pretenders to the honour of inspiration, and to vindicate the writings of the Old Testament and the New, as the words of the Spirit of God, can at no period be a useless labour. But present circumstances add greatly to this importance, and recent events have discovered not only ignorance on these subjects, where knowledge might have been expected, but opposition even from the friends of the Gospel.

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