The Adoption of Sons by Thomas Houston


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The Adoption of Sons: Its Nature, Spirit, Privileges, and Effects. A Practical and Experimental Treatise.

Ettrick Press - 2021.  lfpb.  212pp. Foreword by Rev. I, MacLeod, biographical sketch of Thomas Houston by Rev. S. Steele.

… theologically profound and warmly devotional.” — Prof Edward Donnelly.

The Adoption of Sons takes us through the key doctrinal, practical and experimental aspects of the precious subject of God’s adoption of sons. This work by the highly respected nineteenth century minister Thomas Houston (1803-1882) had become hard to find, and we are pleased to be able to make it available again for today’s readers. Our edition is enhanced by a biographical introduction by Rev Stephen Steele, Stranraer, and a theological introduction by Rev Ian Macleod, Grand Rapids.

In my opinion, Thomas Houston’s The Adoption of Sons is superior to all of these [other nineteenth century] volumes and has been unduly neglected.” — Dr Joel Beeke.


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