Meet the Puritans with a Guide to Modern Reprints by Joel R. Beeke & Randall J. Pederson


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RHB. d.w. 896pp.

This encyclopedic resource provides biographical sketches of all the major Puritans as well as bibliographic summaries of their writings and work. Meet the Puritans is an important addition to the library of the layman, pastor, student and scholar.


“The Puritans—English, Scottish, American, and Dutch—are being read again! In an era of superficial discipleship and erratic, impotent, ailing, and dying churches, this is indeed a hopeful sign. And this wide-ranging handbook of backup information about the writers themselves, their special strengths, and modern reprints of their books, is another hopeful sign. Meet the Puritans is a fascinating compendium, scholarly yet popular and accessible, that Puritan-lovers will value very highly—and justly so.”  — DR. JAMES I. PACKER, author of Knowing God and A Quest for Godliness

“As furnaces burn with ancient coal and not with the leaves that fall from today’s trees, so my heart is kindled with the fiery substance I find in the old Scripture-steeped sermons of Puritan pastors. A warm thanks to the authors of Meet the Puritans for all the labor to make them known.”  — DR. JOHN PIPER, Pastor, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota



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