The Kingship of Christ by David Silversides


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Cameron Press - 2017.   lfpb. 179pp.


Does Christ’s Kingship have a bearing on domestic, church and national life? On how we are governed, witness and worship?

The topic of Christ’s kingship goes to the heart of Christian hope in the present Kingdom and the fullness that will confirm our faith.

This book by David Silversides will encourage devotion in the service of Christ the King.


The fact that many people either don’t know or understand that there is a Man, the Son of Man, in heaven who is exercising His absolute rule over everything, is astonishing. That many Christians are largely ignorant of the nature, extent, and goals of Jesus’ meditorial Kingship is surely not healthy either for the church or the nation. David Silversides knows this Son of Man, and in this booklet he clearly and succinctly outlines Christ’s rule over all things. Reading it will both inform and challenge.

Andrew Quigley, minister of Airdrie Reformed Presbyterian Church


In a day when there is such ignorance and neglect of the Kingship of Christ we are deeply indebted to David Silversides for this thorough presentation of the Scriptural teaching. True love for Christ will be seen in submission to His Kingship in every sphere – the individual, the family, the church and the nation. What is most enlightening and challenging is the way the author shows the extent if its implications in each sphere. May it lead many to cry again ‘Thy Kingdom come’.

John J. Murray, retired minister of The Free Church of Scotland (Continuing)


About the Author

David Silversides is from Gateshead in the north of England and studied at the Reformed Theological College, Belfast. He has been minister of Loughbrickland Reformed Presbyterian Church in Northern Ireland since 1988.


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