Gospel Assurance and Warnings – Recovering the Gospel by Paul Washer


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It should come as no surprise that misunderstandings about the gospel message and the nature of true conversion result in a problem with genuine assurance of salvation. A pseudo-gospel of “easy believism” has led many into careless presumption, and a poor understanding of salvation has abandoned tender consciences to near spiritual despair. In Gospel Assurance and Warnings, Paul Washer shines the light of gospel hope as he cautions against the dangers of making an empty profession of faith and carefully explains from Scripture the basis for establishing and maintaining a sound assurance of faith.

Table of Contents:


PART ONE: Biblical Assurance

1. False Assurance
2. Examine Yourself
3. Walking in God’s Revelation
4. Confessing Sin
5. Keeping God’s Commandments
6. Imitating Christ
7. Loving Christians
8. Rejecting the World
9. Remaining in the Church
10. Confessing Christ
11. Purifying Self
12. Practicing Righteousness
13. Overcoming the World
14. Believing in Jesus

PART TWO: Gospel Warnings, or Warnings to Empty Confessors

15. Gospel Reductionism
16. The Small Gate
17. The Narrow Way
18. The Outward Evidence of an Inward Reality
19. The Dangers of an Empty Confession


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