Collected Sermons of James Durham, Volume 1


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RHB / Naphtali Press - 2017. hb. 960pp.

Collected Sermons of James Durham: Sixty-One Sermons. This volume contains sermon series titled “The Blessedness of the Death of Those That Die in the Lord,” “The Unsearchable Riches of Christ” (Communion sermons), “Heaven upon Earth” (on conscience), “The Great Gain of Contenting Godliness,” and “The Great Corruption of Subtle Self,” as well as miscellaneous sermons that appeared in various publications. The last includes a recent transcription from manuscript of one of Durham’s most important sermons preached at the beginning of the Protester-Resolutioner schism in Scotland. All have been uniformly edited and cross-referenced as needed. Also included is an introduction covering the life and works of Durham.


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