Blue Banner Productions - 2018. Lfpb. 256pp.

If you only read one book on the Covenanters this should be the one. Not only does Vos provide an insightful, readable and enjoyable account but he sets it in proper context taking us from the Reformation in 1560 through the Revolution period to the formation of the Reformed Presbyterian Church.

“If you want to know about the principal events, the significant documents, and the key people of the First and Second Reformations in Scotland and the Covenanting period, buy and read this book. It breathes life into one of, if not the most disturbing and exhilarating periods in Scottish Church history. Yes, many may not agree wholeheartedly with the doctrinal position taken by the Covenanters as excellently presented in the third part of the book, but the point is not to convince the reader but to inform.”

-Rev. Andrew Quigley,
Airdrie Reformed Presbyterian Church.

This edition has been re-typset and any typographical errors have been corrected. Also the index has been greatly expanded in order to add to the volume’s usefulness.


Additional information

Dimensions14.4 × 1.7 × 21.5 cm
PublisherBlue Banner Productions
AuthorsJohannes G. Vos
Edition2nd edition


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